Algebraic and arithmetic number theory

Education and Research

2005-,   Assistant, Associate, and full Professor (the former Graduate Chair 

                and the former Department Chair)   Math Yonsei University at Seoul

2003- 2005, Assistant Professor and Research fellow KIAS at Seoul

2002 -2003,  BK21 Contracted Professor Yonsei University at Seoul 

1999- 2001, Assistant Professor   University of Minnesota at Minneapolis

1994- 1999,  Ph.D University of California at Berkeley 


Euler Systems and Circular Distribution 

Thesis Advisor : Professor Robert Coleman 

Honors and Awards 

Korea Undergraduate Math Problem Solving Contest Awards ; 1986, 1987 and 1988


Dr. Soogil Seo

Tel: 2123-2583

Fax: 392-6634


Department of Mathematics

Yonsei University


South Korea